County Wide Postcard 2

County Wide Postcard 2

About This Campaign

It is astounding to consider that 1 in 6 residents of San Luis Obispo County experiences hunger every day, despite the fact that California ranks #1 in the nation in agricultural crop sales and that this county alone produces $925 million in produce annually.

Today, 46,000 residents in our county struggle with hunger, among them are our most vulnerable populations: children and seniors. Of the four million pounds of food we distribute annually, 40% goes to children and 20% to seniors.

The Food Bank serves the entire county from San Miguel to Nipomo and from San Simeon to California Valley. We provide education, compassion, and hope; and deliver healthy, nutritious food to more than 30,000 county residents monthly. 

Thank you for your HUNGER AWARENESS DAY donation that will bring healthy food, including fresh produce, to the hungry in San Luis Obispo County.

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SLO Food Bank

Campaign to Support SLO Food Bank

We believe everyone has the right to nutritious food, regardless of the reason why an individual or family may find themselves in need. Thank you for supporting the SLO Food Bank’s efforts to serve the food insecure in our community!