August Letter - Tough Choices - Email

August Letter - Tough Choices - Email

About This Campaign

Rent or Food?
Medicine or Food?
Utilities Bill or Food?
Gasoline or Food?
Thank you for taking away these tough choices!

Ron and his daughter Angel attend our distributions.  Ron has been out of work and is looking to find another job as a truck driver.  His wife is a bookkeeper but her pay is not enough  to make ends meet.  
Your donations  give Ron and his family  a safety net until he finds a new job.  

Your donation supports the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County and it's 77 non-profit partners who are able to provide a safety net to 30,000 individuals each month.  We live in a high rent community where many struggle to make ends meet including seniors, working individuals, veterans, and the disabled. Thank you for your support!  
SLO Food Bank

Campaign to Support SLO Food Bank

We believe everyone has the right to nutritious food, regardless of the reason why an individual or family may find themselves in need. Thank you for supporting the SLO Food Bank’s efforts to serve the food insecure in our community!