Let's add more plates to the table!

Let's add more plates to the table!

About This Campaign

Food brings people together, especially during the holidays. Sipping hot cocoa by the fire, making a beloved family recipe together—everyone has special, food-inspired memories that bring them comfort and joy.

Sadly, not everyone gets the food they need to thrive—or even survive—during the holidays and year-round. Approximately 46,000 SLO County residents struggle with hunger, and the majority of them are children and seniors.

Help add more plates to the table for hungry community members by making a charitable giſt to the SLO Food Bank today. Your donation will give your neighbors the comfort that comes from eating a home-cooked meal with family or friends.

Thank you for your support!
SLO Food Bank

Campaign to Support SLO Food Bank

We believe everyone has the right to nutritious food, regardless of the reason why an individual or family may find themselves in need. Thank you for supporting the SLO Food Bank’s efforts to serve the food insecure in our community!