Nara's Birthday Party

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It's my birthday! I am telling everyone what my birthday candle wish will be- I wish for my birthday that everyone donates $5.00 to the SLO Food Bank. Please help my wish come true. Thank you.

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SLO Food Bank

Campaign to Support SLO Food Bank

We believe everyone has the right to nutritious food, regardless of the reason why an individual or family may find themselves in need. Thank you for supporting the SLO Food Bank’s efforts to serve the food insecure in our community!


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  1. SLO Food Bank
    SLO Food Bank gave a $10.73 donation
    I couldn't resist the opportunity to wish Nara a happy birthday on behalf of the team at the SLO Food Bank. This is a beautiful gesture! When health conditions permit, we'd love to see you at the Food Bank so we can wish you a happy birthday in person! Garret Olson, SLO Food Bank CEO
    3 months ago · Like
  2. An anonymous donation of $5 has been made
    You Are an angel Nara .. thank you for thinking of others on your special day!
    3 months ago · Like